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These pictures were taken around the Waco area by the fiance and I–the good ones by her. We will most likely do this sort of thing again, with several other places remaining around town that we still want to photograph. We tried to take pictures of significant and beautiful places. Some notables include: dubl-r (where a burger, double-double all-the-way, may be the closest one can get to the ethereal bliss of Elysium without malt or Milton), Cameron Park, Suspension Bridge and the bridge across from it (site of one of the Waco lynchings), a re-creation of a shot from Malick’s the Tree of Life, among others. I struggle to describe this city. I have been here nearly four years, and I will miss it when I am gone. There is life and light, but there is darkness as well. To borrow from the language of the righteous and devout Simeon from Luke 2: it has been a site of the falling and rising of many, hearts have been revealed and souls have been pierced in its walls. I won’t say much more; for now, I’ll let the images, if they will, speak.