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As is my custom, I’ve been watching Fox News today, which, like its colleagues, is gearing up for election season. I was watching Megyn Kelley, host of America Live and alter-ego of Lady D.A. Sheree J Wilson, report on Obama’s poll numbers when I realized that Fox News does not care who wins the election. They lure you into thinking they want this or that Republican to defeat Obama, but they are indifferent to the outcome of the election. Why then, you ask, do they appear to care? I answer that they appear to care so that others will care. To be clear, I am speaking of the culture at Fox News, not a specific individual, whose deviation from indifference would in no way detract from this observation.

But the irony here is that pretending to care is the difference between good and bad ratings. Fox does a very good job of pretending to care deeply about conservative values. CNN and MSNBC on the other hand try to appear value-neutral, and thus, when people watch them they are face to face with how mundane the news is (or what passes for news), and how unwarranted is the slightest concern for it. 

While I’m on this, I’m tired of CNN’s neutrality with regard to the group they call “born-again evangelicals”. Everyone that works for CNN is thinking, God, these people are unintelligent and uninformed. May the truth will out.