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Chris Paul will continue to be a jag and if the clippers are successful his agency will have had nothing to do with it (Julius Hodge is a hero to many).

JJ Barea will continue to lie to himself and suck (see Zosima for understanding).

The other JJ, Redick, will continue to disappoint his college admirers with mediocrity.

Derrick Rose’s shooting percentage will improve and he will not shoot airballs on potential gamewinners.

Metta World Peace will continue to be the only thing holding my attention during the perennially uninteresting NBA season, and continue to beg the question, “why does he have two “t’s” in “metta”?”

Kevin Durant will increase his swagg daily.

Tim Duncan’s game will continue to diminish, dulling the memory of the once universally acclaimed “best power forward of all-time,” to the jubilance of Dallas fans.

Nick van Exel…wait…nevermind.

NBA owners will continue to exercise their white dominance over NBA players.

Latrell Spre…psyche!

Okay, back to it for real. Dwight Howard will continue to be the most non-dominant dominant big man in the league (I don’t really feel like linking for Howard).

Carmello and Amare, with the addition of Chandler, will be better than last year, but let’s get out of unreality here, Carmello cannot win a championship without Gerry McNamara. More than 10 games, yes; championship, previous statement maintains.

Chris Bosh will continue to be talked about as if he is a good at basketball–to the cringe of the watching world. And what, I might ask, is Reggie Miller doing defending Bosh in the spare play there?!

I will continue to lament the NBA not dissolving and players subsequently being cast in diaspora. Such an event would have surely been a gift of the basketball divines, allowing us all to watch global basketball surge with an influx of the best players in the world. Or the creation of a league free from the tyrannical reign of David Stern.