From Ethics:

“Even at the present day the French Revolution is still the rallying cry of the modern western world…The cult of reason, the deification of nature, faith in progress and a critical approach to civilisation, the bourgeoisie and the revolt of the masses, nationalism and anti-clericalism, the rights of man and dictatorial terror – all this erupted chaotically as something new in the history of the western world. The French Revolution was the laying bare of the emancipated man in his tremendous power and his most terrible perversity.”

“The new unity which the French Revolution brought to Europe – and what we are experiencing today is the crisis of this unity – is therefore western godlessness. It is totally different from the atheism of certain individual Greek, Indian, Chinese and western thinkers. It is not the theoretical denial of the existence of a God. It is itself a religion, a religion of hostility to God.”